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Too Many Ideas


Making the final decision can be crippling. It's good that you are taking it seriously, but is there a way to know you are making the right choice?


Business of Your Dreams?

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Answering the following questions can bring you the clarity you've been longing for:

  • Do you understand your market well enough to market consistently, intelligently, and passionately?

  • Do you have a way to stand out in the market so that you will be chosen over your competitors?

  • Do you have enough ammunition to fight imposter syndrome?

  • Is there enough depth in the market to carve out your niche?

  • Do you know yourself and the business enough to know if this can hold your attention long term?

  • I have a few tools that will help you answer these questions

    Narrow your ideas & maximize your potential

    This will help you think through each business idea, the pros and cons, as well as the potential of each. Once you have decided on your business idea follow the second part of the training to niche down and maximize the potential of your new business.

    ($97.00 value)

    Get rid of imposter syndrome

    Your past holds more experiences relevant to your new business than you may think. This tool will walk you through your past and uncover useful patterns and experiences. They will not only help your confidence, but may even find some hidden treasures as well. 

    ($67.00 value)

    Find meaning in your business

    Some of us can't find fulfillment in work for the sake of work. If you are someone who needs to find purpose then this tool will help you dive into your past to find the types of things that will keep you invested in your business long term.

    ($47.00 value)

    Maybe you've started businesses in the past, but never gained traction and are afraid to start again.

    Maybe you've been wanting to start a business for some time, but you have so many ideas it's crippling you.

    Maybe you just aren't sure that you have what it takes.

    This bundle has been designed to give you the tools to to work through the unanswered questions, doubts, and fears, and to help you avoid common pitfalls that come from starting a business without answering these questions ahead of time.

    Your ideas aren't generating a dime while they are living in your head. 

    It's time to get started.

    I know that sometimes you just need a jumpstart. I'm here to give that to you. 

    I've created a limited-time offer designed to give you that boost in the right direction.

    Value: $211.00

    Lock in this great price while you still can.

    Start your business with confidence.

    Get this bundle for just $97 now

    I found this to be extremely insightful and I ended up making a transition that I wanted to make much faster. It definitely gave me the perspective I needed.

    - Suhaina Javid

    The content is thorough, organized, and Lisa knows her stuff! I feel like I have a better handle on where my business is headed.

    - Kassaundra Foster

    This really put things in perspective and helped me refocus on my initial mission.

    - Sadie Buhler

    This is your moment !

    Take the time to lay the foundation.

    Make the most out of the opportunity.

    Get the clarity that you need.

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