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Coaches & Service-Based Entrepreneurs

Learn the unique value you bring to your industry

Stop trying to compete with everyone else in your field

Instead, learn the unique value you bring to your business by figuring out your unique skills, strengths, and contributions that make you stand out in your field while transforming your business into something that is incredibly fulfilling and creates a transformational experience for your clients.

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You are tired of trying to compete in such a saturated market, following all the latest & greatest marketing strategies, and still not being heard - You’re looking for a better way to make yourself stand out in a crowded market.

You want to make your business stand out, so…

You thought about hiring a branding and marketing expert...

BUT you’re a little worried that's just slapping lipstick on a pig. Sure, it's important, but you know deep down it's too soon. Your ultimate goal isn't to be proud of your online presence, it's to create and deliver something amazing!

That’s why you considered hiring a mindset coach...

BUT you know that you aren't just looking to build your self-worth. You need help defining an offer that feels right to you and knowing that you can deliver on that offer because it combines your unique combination of skills, strengths, and experiences.

You even thought about giving up on your dream or at least postponing it.

BUT you know you would regret it. That voice inside you that keeps nagging you, telling you that you were created for something more, that you were put on this earth to make a bigger difference, it isn't going to go away.

Here’s a bold question for you:

What if you could stop struggling to find your place in the market and instead, used your unique strengths and experiences to create an offer that is hard to compete with that you absolutely love providing and

creates a one-of-a-kind experience for your clients instead?

Sounds too good to be true?

Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly how!

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I was stuck with no idea about what to focus on. I have sought help, but I didn't feel like the people I was seeking help from took the time to understand what I do. I wasn't expecting much, but I was hoping that Lisa would give me a solution that considered my specific needs, rather than throwing some one-size-fits-all solution at me. Working with Lisa has given me clarity. She's also given me great ideas and tech tools to move forward and implement the ideas. If you're tired of hearing the same old tired advice from "business coaches", you're in for a new experience with Lisa. You'll get fresh ideas and quick, implementable steps.

Kaine A.

IP Specialist

Working with Lisa has been a blessing. After working with multiple coaches, I can tell you that Lisa is the coach that keeps me in alignment with God's calling and my unique gifts and talents. She is listening for the things I don’t realize I am saying and challenging me when it seems like I’m drifting off course! Lisa coaches from the heart with the ability to see the vision (and potential) of me at my best self (often before I see it myself).

Jaime White

Business Coach

I’ll be honest with you:

Getting to this point wasn’t easy

When I started out as a new business owner, I really struggled to create an offer that felt aligned. After selling computer labels for several years, I found I wasn't proud of what I did. In fact, I dreaded the work. It didn’t feel right. 🙅‍♀️

👉So I created a business that used my creative side and geeky side.🎉🙏

I became a website and graphic design guru.

But then...

I found out that a large part of my job was chasing down clients for content and that their expectations included so much more than design work.

My gut told me not to move outside of my field of expertise, but I was afraid I would lose clients and credibility if I didn't.


❌I quickly burned out.❌

I worked long hours, learning new skills, trying to meet client expectations.

I lost my love for design.😭

So I tried...

❌ Setting client boundaries (but by this point taking on new clients made me want to cry)

❌ Switching to a non-service-based business (but I hated not being in control of the product offer or quality)

❌ Creating digital products (but I missed the people connection)

I told myself:

There must be an easier way to find the right business for me, without trying and failing and the constant burnout!

And that's when it hit me!

THERE ARE TOOLS I'VE ALREADY USED that could be adapted to help me and others discover THE perfect business for them!

And this time, I finally started to understand where I'd been going wrong for so long:

  • I adapted the tools and training I received as a Certified Human Behavior Consultant

  • I gave myself several forehead slaps as I realized why the previous businesses obviously wouldn't work for me

  • I tested the process on others and rejoiced with them in their ah-ha moments

  • I was able to help them adapt their businesses and processes with tips and tools customized to their unique needs

The best thing?

I found so much fulfillment!

(I am so excited to wake up and start my work day now🥰)

Helping people find and create a business that they are passionate about lights me up!

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So how does it work exactly?

All it takes are

3 Simple Steps

To discern, shape & build your ideal business

Step 1

C.O.R.E. Assessments ™

Take assessments and receive personal consultations

Step 2

C.O.R.E. Legacy ™

Find and shape your unique contribution to your industry

Step 3

C.O.R.E. Business ™

Turn your unique contribution into a money-making business

Can this really work? You bet!

Working with Lisa was extremely insightful and I ended up making a transition that I wanted to make much faster. It definitely gave me the perspective I needed. You should go for it. Unless you are someone who hates learning about yourself.

Suhaina Javid

Launch Coach

I have loved working with Lisa! She is thorough, organized, and knows her stuff! I feel like I have a better handle on where my business is headed and have learned new skills to take my business to the next level.

Kassaundra Foster

Social Media Manager

I needed help streamlining my business and a coach who understands that. Lisa helped me connect the disconnection I had always felt with the different aspects of my career. I highly recommend coaching with Lisa. You will leave feeling energized and with clarity.

Harriet Molel

Systems Coach


The solution for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build a successful business that aligns with their passions, strengths, and skills. I provide personalized guidance and support to help you identify the right type of business, design a custom business model, and develop the skills you need to succeed.

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This coaching is CENTERED around you. We focus on your strengths, what fulfills you, what excites you, and build and/or adapt your business to capitalize on these things. Our first session is an assessment to help us both gain a better understanding of your unique traits and how they work together to give you an advantage in your business and as a strength your clients will benefit from. You will then be sent customized information to help you through the training in your portal. These pieces of training are designed to help you maximize your impact.


From there we will ORGANIZE your ideas, offers, and anything else that is cluttering your mind and confusing your way forward. Don’t worry. We won’t put you in a box. We will create something that allows for the growth and flexibility you crave, and it’s going to be amazing!


You’re an idea person. I get it. You don’t want to be painted into a corner. That’s why we create the structure of your business with broad strokes at first, then REFINE it, adding details as we go. While some business owners want cookie-cutter solutions, that’s not you. You need room to learn, grow, adapt, add your ideas, and constantly improve. I’m here to help you do that and to help you focus and prioritize along the way.


At some point, it’s time to EARN. It’s easy to get stuck in creation mode, or in editing mode, or even the temptation to quit before letting the world see what you have to offer. I’m here to help you know when it’s time to engage with your audience, get your message out there, extend your offer, and to remind you why you absolutely need to do so.

Step 1


What you'll learn:

Assessment 1: C.O.R.E. Lab Custom Assessment

...so that we both get a better understanding of who you are and your unique relationship with your business

Assessment 2: Strengthsfinder

...so that you understand your unique gifts and how they will help you excel in your field

Assessment 3: Industry Impact Inventory

...so that you understand your own importance and the unique function you bring to your industry

What you'll get to make this process more effective:

  • Customized reports

  • Personal walk-throughs with Lisa

  • Layers of information that both expand and narrow your ideation process

  • Personalized information to further inform other areas of this process

Step 2

Shape your offer

What you'll learn:

Lessons 2-4: Brainstorming to find your unique place

...using the information we've gleaned from each assessment and the tools in this lesson we will brainstorm business ideas that fit with your gifts, passion, experience, and personality.

Lesson 5: Priorities

...so that you don't build a business that feels like another trap

Lesson 6: Knowing your ideal client

...using a step-by-step process to understand how you and your ideal client are kindred spirits.

What you'll get to get this done faster:

  • Bite-sized, step-by-step training sessions

  • Idea generator worksheet

  • Hot Seat coaching sessions

  • Guides personalized to your assessment results

  • Worksheets to help you identify and relate to your ideal client

Step 3

Build your offer

What you'll learn:

Lesson 7: Anticipate needs, objections, & solutions

...anticipate clients' needs and objections and present them with solutions without having to oversell, overcomplicate, or fake it.

Lesson 8: The perceived need

...using a step-by-step proven formula to create an offer that attracts the right people to your business.

Lesson 9: Customer journey mapping

...so that you have a complete customer experience that you are excited about, can explain, and brings real results.

What you'll get to get this done faster:

  • Step-by-step training

  • Worksheets to help you define your offer

  • Plug-and-play templates to make creation easier

  • Checklists to make sure you don't miss a thing

  • Templates to create a compelling lead magnet

  • A roadmap to make your own to help explain the journey to your clients

Join now and...

But wait, there is more

Join today and you'll also get...

The Pre-Launch Power Pack

Stop creating courses, digital products, coaching programs, and workshops that nobody wants to buy! Get paid to create instead of creating for months and not getting paid at the end.

  • 2 Social Post Copy Templates

  • 6 Page Presell Email Sequence

  • 43 Square Social Media Graphics Templates

  • 43 Reel/Story Graphics Templates

12-Month membership to The Pulse

A full year of access to the The Pulse Community. This means...

  • 12 months of group coaching

  • Community Support

  • All-Access Pass to all events, trainings, masterminds and support content for the entire year

Meet Angela Lee

Women's Mindset Coach

I was looking for a better understanding of myself as I relate to my business and how I can focus my time, energy, and efforts on the activities that are aligned with my strengths. I was feeling very overwhelmed and scattered.

I was amazed by how accurately Lisa was able to describe what drives and motivates me. Her coaching gave me validation for why I think and feel a certain way. She gave me so much clarity on how I can achieve my goal in a way that feels authentic and aligned with who I am. I appreciate the tangible advice that Lisa provided so I can focus on the activities that I enjoy and will drive my business forward.

I would highly recommend working with Lisa! She is a master at matching your personality and strengths to helping you create a roadmap to achieve your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have a business?

If you already have a business C.O.R.E. Lab can help you either focus your business on areas where you shine, help you stand out in your field as an expert in a certain area, or uncover untapped potential such as additional revenue streams.

What if I already know what business I want to start?

Most of my clients actually do already know, but they are looking for support, such as helping them package their ideas, find their market, defining their customer journey, or sometimes they just need to know their idea is valid and they can actually do it.

What if I already know my personality type?

Most of my clients have already taken several personality tests, yet they have several "ah-ha" moments during their assessment.  Also, the Industry Impact Inventory is brand new and proprietary.  It will shed new light on your business and, not to be too punny, will have a lot of impact.

Can I wait and join later?

You can, but the price will go up. The first version of C.O.R.E. Lab Business Coaching sold for $2797.00 and clients told me I should raise my prices. Right now the prices are low because I am testing new formats and giving you access to products that are about to be rolled out. Once the testing phase is done and as products appear in the portal, the cost goes up!

When will I get access?

There will be a link to gain access once you sign up.  You will also receive an email with login details.

When will I get my assessment?

Your first assessment will be done live in a one-on-one session with me.  Check your email for a coupon code and a link to schedule.  Since this is done live I only have a limited number of slots per week. There are times when slots are completely booked.  Just check back in a week or so, or send an email.