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Let me walk you through how to design your program and be ready to sell it in 14 just days...

Even if you don't know what to teach!

You are brilliant at what you do, and you know that you could help so many people if you could just... 

  • Articulate what you do

  • Help people understand how you can help

  • Simplify your system

  • Create different price points

Things are about to get a whole lot easier for you...

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I have a course that I have never properly launched and wanted to do it the right way.  14 Days to Launch provided with me tips and tricks that I didn’t know about prior to taking the workshop.  If you want to feel confident in launching your course I would recommend you start here.

Brittany Driver

Beyond A Budget Founder

14 Days to Launch made my launch process much easier by outlining exactly what I had to do to get my course launched. It took out the guesswork and made things more simple for me!  I didn’t think it was possible to launch so quickly before- launches were daunting!

Haley Fountain

Health Coach

Hi! I'm Lisa.

Having created many systems, programs, and courses of my own I understand the struggle and the time that goes into creating a program. Over the years I've learned how much time is wasted by...

-Not having a program

-Creating the wrong program

-Decision fatigue

-Creating content that never sees the light of day

But you can't give up on the idea because so many people need what you have to offer.  It's not been easy, but I've nailed down the processes, so now it takes me DAYS to do what used to take me MONTHS.

And now I'm going to pull back the curtain and show you exactly how to quickly overcome the most common hurdles that stop someone from getting their offer to their audience. There are people out there who need your help RIGHT NOW, so let's get started.

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3 common hurdles you will quickly overcome during our time together

Choose a Topic

Whether you have no ideas or too many ideas, you will come away feeling confident in choosing a course topic.

Outline the Steps

Once you have a topic, your audience needs to know what they will learn. By the end of this workshop you will know how to quickly and easily find the steps that your audience is looking for.

Overcome the Tech

Technology doesn't have to be a hurdle, especially when you're getting started.  Learn the quick and easy way to launch your new course without the tech barrier.

I was stuck with no idea about what to focus on.  I have sought help, but I didn't feel like the people I was seeking help from took the time to understand what I do.  I wasn't expecting much, but I was hoping that Lisa would give me a solution that considered my specific needs, rather than throwing some one-size-fits-all solution at me. 14 Days to Launch has given me clarity. It's also given me great ideas and tech tools to move forward and implement the ideas.  If you're tired of hearing the same old tired advice from "business coaches", you're in for a new experience with 14 Days to Launch. You'll get fresh ideas and quick, implementable steps.

Kaine A.

IP Specialist

Overcome all the hurdles and get your amazing Program, Membership, or Online Course ready to sell faster and more confidently than you thought possible!

Choose your experience:

Free Workshop

Get notified about future workshop dates.  These are live workshops where you'll learn the process, be able to ask questions, and get excited about your next launch.

VIP Experience

Personalize your experience with 2 one-to-one sessions with Lisa. We'll walk through each step and personalize each one to your unique business.

Launch Price: $297

Early Bird Special: $197 

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  • Who is this training for?

    Describe here the variety of topics that you cover in with your courses, and how they can benefit from those courses relevant to each topic. And then as them to take action by hitting the Call-To-Action button below.


    You don't have to stumble through sales calls awkwardly trying to explain what you do. Once you have a program you can confidently walk them through your process and the transformation you offer.

    Service Providers

    Your income doesn't have to be dependent on done-for-you work anymore.  Find an aspect of your work that you can train on and find the opportunities to create recurring income.

    Network Marketers

    Don't make your business all about your products.  You have something unique to offer.  Find it, build your personal brand around it, and build something so much bigger than a product that you don't control.


    Do you love to help people?  Do you have something to teach? An online service you can offer?  Let's turn that into a program that you and your audience can get excited about. 

    Let's get started!

    I had a very ambitious vision of starting a coaching program, but struggled with finding momentum towards creating it.  I was over-complicating the program-development process; lost in analysis-paralysis. I couldn't even imagine that this process could be so easy and accessible!  Inside the 14 Days to Launch program I found the sense of momentum that I was looking for! With Lisa's help, I felt significantly clearer about what needs to be done and why. She also provided a wealth of ideas that I couldn't wait to explore! Don't hesitate! You will come out the other end more energized, clear and ready to hit the ground running!

    Tanya C

    Divorce & Life Coach