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Hot, Targeted Leads... Massive Boost In Conversions...

All from quizzes that your audience loves

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What a quiz can do for your business

Make selling easier

How much easier would it be to make sales if people TOLD YOU what they most desired?

Save you time

What if you could direct customers to the best product for them without emails, phone calls and text message?  

Targeted Marketing

How much more effective would future marketing efforts be if you understood and spoke directly to your clients wants and needs?

Increase traffic

How much faster could your business grow if you were getting up to 500% more leads?

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The Best Time To Begin Building Your Leads In Always NOW, And With Quiz Magnet It's Never Been Easier!

It's so simple to set up that it’s really hard NOT to transform leads into sales and happy customers.

How it works

From giving you a basic understanding of quizzes to putting it out into the world, we've got you.

  • Learn what makes a high converting quiz

  • You'll learn how to tailor a quiz specifically for your target audience that drives them toward your product or service.

  • Choose whether you want help or DIY

  • Whether you choose to build and launch the quiz on your own, or have us do it for you, you will have what you need to launch your quiz.

  • Share your quiz with your target audience

  • Share it everywhere!  On your website, social media, to your email list, run ads...anywhere and everywhere your audience is.

    Pricing plans

    We have got you covered with various plans that suit your time and budget.

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    DIY Guide
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    then $14 per month*

    Quiz Magnet Course
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    Quiz creation
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    Integration with landing pages

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    Instagram stories creation
    Instagram video creation
    Quiz Magnet Hosting
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    then $14 per month*

    Quiz Magnet Course
    Quiz Magnet Workbook
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    Quiz Magnet Hosting
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    • *Hosting fees: $14/month when paid yearly, or $22/month

    Who uses Quiz Magnets

    Using Quiz Magnets is your shortcut to growing your lead acquisition rapidly.


    You are an influencer and you want to monetize your brand. We can help you with that.

    Virtual Assistants

    Wouldn't it be great if you use a quiz to warm up your lead and learn more about them before your sales call?


    Want to find qualified recruits? What better way than asking quiz that attracts, qualifies, and sorts your prospects for you?

    New Businesses

    You just started a brand new business. Let's do the right things to attract leads right from the start.

    Affiliate Marketers

    Wouldn't you like to reach your audience without looking like every other affiliate marketer selling the same thing? Draw them in like no one else.

    Social Media Managers

    You don't have to overwhelm your leads with options.  Use a simple quiz to help both you and your client find the best package for them.

    Still on the fence?

    Let's talk about how a quiz will impact your business, the different ways you can use it, and how we can help.

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