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Hi there, I’m Lisa

If you're like me,  you were a little surprised when you realized how much time you had to spend on marketing your business and a bit frustrated that it took away from the time and energy that you hoped to spend on the key components of your business

Maybe you hired some help and, well, it didn't help.

Now what? 

Keeping up with the social media grind and pumping out marketing emails that no one seems to read, just to keep your name out there, can be incredibly discouraging.

  • And now you are wondering if it's worth it

  • You’re so focused the tasks of your business that you’ve completely lost sight of why you started your business in the first place.

  • Never mind scaling your business, or even completing half of the goals you set for your business in the first place.

  • And what's even worse?

    You’re starting to wonder if you got it all wrong…maybe you're considering doing something else. Maybe even (gulp) working for someone else.


    You started your business for a reason.

    But how do you get your time back?  How do you get back in control?


    The thing is…

    It is not

    supposed to

    be that way!

    Sure, that's what you were taught. And if done well, it even works. 

    But at what cost?

    For my first few years in business, I tried to do things the way everyone said marketing should be done.

    I took all of the classes, hired the coaches, created the content, stuck to the schedules, used the software…you name it, I did it.

    And I was EXHAUSTED!


    So what happened?

    Actually, it's happening right now! Consumer expectations are changing. They aren't responding like they used to. Everyone is tired of getting emails they don't want, and social media posts are becoming boring and predictable because everyone is using the same tactics.  

    You have the opportunity to get ahead of the curve!

    Listen to what the market is saying. They are tired of:

  • Big data tracking them

  • Unsolicited messages

  • Spammy posts and comments

  • Invitations to events they have no interest in

  • An overflowing inbox

  • S.

    Create an environment that SUPPORTS what your ideal client is trying to achieve.  


    INCENTIVIZE them to keep coming back. Something simple that will bring them a small step closer to their goals each month.


    Keep it MANAGEABLE. Remember, the goal here is for this to take less time.  You'll learn how to minimize your efforts and maximize the value.


    Make it PROFITABLE.  What you are going to offer in your community are things that people will actually pay for.  You will learn how to offer tiers of membership and create an additional stream of income.


    You will learn how to LEVERAGE your community to stay on top of your communities needs.  This will help you stay ahead of the trends and keep you relevant.


    Last, but not least, by the end you will understand how to keep your group ENGAGING. Using a variety of tools you will keep them interested and coming back for more.

    Here’s how this will unfold…

    You'll learn how the "bad news" that is threatening most businesses is actually an opportunity for you. We will define that opportunity and figure out the best the tools for you to address it.

    Now that you better understand your audience it's time to map out what your community will provide, what promises you'll make, and how you'll keep those promises.

    Now that you have your community mapped out, it's time to put the elements in place and make it a functional community.

    It's time to bring people in to your community. Learn how to get new members. We'll explore different ways to get traffic to your community.

    Are you maximizing your marketing? Let's make sure you are getting the right message across. It's time to look at your advertising and level it up.

    What's the future of your community? I want you to dream big. What does it look like to take your community to the next level, and what do you need to do to prepare for that?

    By the end of this process you’ll have a community experience that fuels your business, a unique solution your ideal client has been searching for, and more time to focus on what you were created to do.

    Here's what you get:

    Simplified Marketing: Six sessions teaching you how to discover the needs of your community, create an experience that meets their needs and coming back for more, and training on how to grow your membership. (Value $997)

    6 Months of Live Coaching Sessions with Lisa: Twice per month you will have access to live group coaching to get your questions answered.  (Value: $3,000)

    Accountability, Encourgement, and Feedback: Each week you will be paired with another student for a one-on-one session to hold each other accountable, get feedback on your progress, and encouragement to keep moving forward. (Value: $497)

    Community: Behind the scenes access as I build my community as well as 6 months of access to my community and all of it's perks. (Value: $1,000)

    When you implement the Simplified Marketing System in your

    business, you can expect to:

    • Know from your first session the key you hold to make an impact in your field (never again wonder if you can really make a difference)

    • This is an icon list item

    • Learn how your unique gifts work together with your business to maximize your impact (say goodbye to the confusion)

    • Discover how to prioritize in a healthy and sustainable way (no more people pleasing and bowing to the expectations of others)

    • Narrow your focus and take unnecessary and unproductive tasks off your plate (no more guilt)

    • Finally, formulate your ideas into an offer that you and your potential clients are excited about (Did you know that selling can be fun when done the right way?)

    C.O.R.E. Lab is Right for You If You’re…

    • READY to boost your authority, get rid of the overwhelm, and slap self-doubt in the face

    • DONE making excuses about why you can’t launch or make sales

    • TIRED of seeing others succeed, while you kick yourself for not launching your offer sooner

    • READY for running your business to feel good again, to be confident that it’s working, and not have to chase after clients ever again

    • WILLING to commit to showing up to get results

    C.O.R.E. Lab is Not Right for You If You’re…

    • Expecting to get rich overnight…

    • Not willing to do the work and apply the system…

    • Not open to trusting the expertise I’ve garnered from over a dozen years of experience…

    • Too hung up on what everyone else is doing to focus on your own business…

    • Married to your belief that everything has to be perfect or that you have to create “just one more thing” to be successful…

    • Quick to give up and too rigid to test, experiment, and make adjustments…