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What if you could...

Build a business that you're proud to own, attracts your favorite kind of people, is profitable, and most of all, fulfills you?

(spoiler alert: you can)


Hi there, I’m Lisa

Let me guess…you started your business so you could help people. To make a difference.  

You started it with a certain lifestyle in mind, maybe some flexibility.  

You wanted the sky to be the limit on your potential. 

You wanted your ideas to matter. To leave your mark on this world.

And then reality happened.

You ended up just as tired, frustrated, and unfulfilled as you were
when you worked for someone else.

What happened to your dream? 

Trying to build your business using cookie-cutter techniques and purchasing “this will solve all of your problems” online training is what happened…

  • And now you are doubting yourself

  • You’re wondering if your ideas are that good after all.  You’re so focused on your clients (and finding new ones) that you’ve completely lost sight of why you started your business in the first place.

  • Never mind scaling your business, or even completing half of the training you have purchased in the first place.

  • And what's even worse?

    You’re starting to wonder if you got it all wrong…if maybe working for someone else wasn’t so bad after all. Being told what to do and leaving the office at the end of the day doesn’t sound so bad now.


    You left for a reason.  You started your business for a reason.

    But how do you get your confidence back?  Your passion?


    The thing is…


    Solutions Don’t

    Work For You!

    You don’t think like everyone else does.  You don’t function like everyone else does. Cookie-cutter solutions are for people who fit the mold.

    That’s not you!

    For my first few years in business, I tried to do things the way everyone said business should be done.

    I took all of the classes, hired the coaches, created the content, stuck to the schedules, used the software…you name it, I did it.

    And I was EXHAUSTED!


    What finally stopped me from spinning in circles in my business?

    I stopped trying to fit the mold. I embraced the fact that my differences could be a strength, not a weakness, if given the right direction.

    Instead of trying to make myself fit into the mold, I made my business adjust to fit me.

    Now I help people just like you do the same thing. I’m taking my 10+ years of studying what makes people tick,

    and using that knowledge and experience to help you:

  • Stop spinning your wheels

  • Get your passion and excitement back

  • Build your business around your strengths

  • Prioritize the right things

  • Stop wasting time on the wrong things

  • C.

    This coaching is CENTERED around you. We focus on your strengths, what fulfills you, what excites you, and build and/or adapt your business to capitalize on these things. Our first session is an assessment to help us both gain a better understanding of your unique traits and how they work together to give you an advantage in your business and as a strength your clients will benefit from. You will then be sent customized information to help you through the training in your portal. These pieces of training are designed to help you maximize your impact.


    From there we will ORGANIZE your ideas, offers, and anything else that is cluttering your mind and confusing your way forward. Don’t worry. We won’t put you in a box. We will create something that allows for the growth and flexibility you crave, and it’s going to be amazing!


    You’re an idea person. I get it. You don’t want to be painted into a corner. That’s why we create the structure of your business with broad strokes at first, then REFINE it, adding details as we go. While some business owners want cookie-cutter solutions, that’s not you. You need room to learn, grow, adapt, add your ideas, and constantly improve. I’m here to help you do that and to help you focus and prioritize along the way.


    At some point, it’s time to EARN. It’s easy to get stuck in creation mode, or in editing mode, or even the temptation to quit before letting the world see what you have to offer. I’m here to help you know when it’s time to engage with your audience, get your message out there, extend your offer, and to remind you why you absolutely need to do so.

    Here’s how your C.O.R.E. Lab Coaching unfolds…

    I love this part! Before our first session, you will sign in to your portal and take a quick assessment. Don’t worry. It’s not too long. When we hop on our first call we will review your results together. We will go into depth, I’ll learn a ton about your business, and we’ll both learn a lot about how you add some really special things to your industry and what unique value you bring to your clients. The information gleaned here will set the foundation for every session moving forward.

    This will make sense once you complete the lesson, I promise. This is one of my client’s favorite sessions. We take a good look at how you can make the biggest difference in your industry and, keeping with the theme that you are the core of your business, we make sure it’s something that will fulfill you. A custom guide will be provided based on your personality.

    For those of us who are in service-based businesses, it’s so easy to make everyone else a priority. In this session, we discuss the various ways to prioritize as well as what to prioritize. This is designed to make sure you thrive rather than crumble under the weight of your responsibilities. A custom guide will be provided based on what we find during your assessment.

    In session four we acknowledge the fact that can’t possibly do everything everyone thinks we should do. Sometimes even the things we think we should. Something is going to get cheated, and there is a smart way to handle that. Based on the results of your assessment you will be sent a custom guide so you can do that keeping the right things in mind.

    By the time we reach our fifth session, we have discussed your business A LOT! If we haven’t started down a particular path for your business yet, we will at this point. Maybe we will work on marketing, maybe it will be tech, maybe we will make adjustments toward a less stressful way of doing business. The point is, we will be working together to build your business around your strengths, gifts, and passions.

    I was looking for a better understanding of myself as I relate to my business and how I can focus my time, energy, and efforts on the activities that are aligned with my strengths. I was feeling very overwhelmed and scattered.  

    I was amazed by how accurately Lisa was able to describe what drives and motivates me. Her coaching gave me validation for why I think and feel a certain way. She gave me so much clarity on how I can achieve my goal in a way that feels authentic and aligned with who I am. I appreciate the tangible advice that Lisa provided so I can focus on the activities that I enjoy and will drive my business forward.

    I would highly recommend working with Lisa! She is a master at matching your personality and strengths to helping you create a roadmap to achieve your goals.

    Angela Lee - Women's Mindset Coach

    I needed help streamlining my business and a coach who understands that. Lisa really helped me understand my personality better and connect the disconnection I had always felt with the different aspects of my career. I highly recommend C.O.R.E. Lab Business Coaching with Lisa. You will leave feeling energized and with clarity.

    Harriet Molel - Systems Coach

    By the end of this process you’ll have a business plan that energizes you, a unique offer your ideal client has been searching for, and the confidence that comes from knowing that you were created to do this.

    Here's what you get:

    Custom Business Personality Assessment and Review: Learn your unique business superpower, what makes you stand out in your field, what lights you up, and learn how to maximize these in your business (Value $997)

    6 One-to-One Coaching Session with Lisa: Design your business around your strengths, create programs you and your clients are excited about, market without the energy drain, all while having someone you can brainstorm with, is as excited about your business as you are, and brings ideas to the table.  (Value: $3,000)

    CORE Lab Training: 3 Classes with custom content specifically for your personality type. Learn how to maximize your impact, prioritize, and let go of the guilt when you have to say no (Value: $497)

    Final Assessment and Recommendation: A final review using not only your assessment results but patterned behaviors, personalized recommendations, suggested tools, and a plan for growth. (Value: $2,000)

    Haley Fountain

    Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

    Holistic in Houston

    When you implement the C.O.R.E. Lab System in your

    business, you can expect to:

    • Know from your first session the key you hold to make an impact in your field (never again wonder if you can really make a difference)

    • Learn how your unique gifts work together with your business to maximize your impact (say goodbye to the confusion)

    • Discover how to prioritize in a healthy and sustainable way (no more people pleasing and bowing to the expectations of others)

    • Narrow your focus and take unnecessary and unproductive tasks off your plate (no more guilt)

    • Finally, formulate your ideas into an offer that you and your potential clients are excited about (Did you know that selling can be fun when done the right way?)

    C.O.R.E. Lab is Right for You If You’re…

    • READY to boost your authority, get rid of the overwhelm, and slap self-doubt in the face

    • DONE making excuses about why you can’t launch or make sales

    • TIRED of seeing others succeed, while you kick yourself for not launching your offer sooner

    • READY for running your business to feel good again, to be confident that it’s working, and not have to chase after clients ever again

    • WILLING to commit to showing up to get results

    C.O.R.E. Lab is Not Right for You If You’re…

    • Expecting to get rich overnight…

    • Not willing to do the work and apply the system…

    • Not open to trusting the expertise I’ve garnered from over a dozen years of experience…

    • Too hung up on what everyone else is doing to focus on your own business…

    • Married to your belief that everything has to be perfect or that you have to create “just one more thing” to be successful…

    • Quick to give up and too rigid to test, experiment, and make adjustments…