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Learn how to find your course topic, create the framework, and launch low tech!

Here it is in a nutshell:

Find a topic (Timestamp 3:41):

Search Amazon's Best Seller's List for hot topics that people are buying now. Click here to search.

Narrow down your topic ideas (Timestamp 9:02):

Use Google Trends to find which idea will sell best.  

Visit Google Trends 

Create your Framework (Timestamp 11:35):

Research the contents of best selling books in your niche to find frameworks that sell.

Use the 14 Days to Launch Timeline (Timestamp 13:56):

Use the timeline as a checklist to keep your launch on track.

Skip the Tech (Timestamp 18:54):

Keep it as simple as possible so you focus on what's really important...the transformation you bring, not the tech. 

Get the help you're looking for (Timestamp 20:31):

Whether you're looking for some accountability, marketing help, or something more in depth...check out the options below. 



Idea to Launch

Need to choose a business idea? Is it time to grow your audience? This is for you.

  • Community threads

  • 2x/month live Q&A sessions

  • Learn how to choose what business to start

  • Learn how to market organically

  • Marketing tips

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    Program Accelerator

    Whether you are ready to create your course, membership, coaching program, or some sort of hybrid, this is for you.

  • Community threads

  • 4x/month live Q&A sessions

  • 14 Days to Launch training

  • Access to course accelerator kits (with training) for Life/Success Coaches, Health Coaches & Business Coaches.

  • Access to Done-for-You Lead Magnets

  • Access to Idea to Launch Resources

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    1:1 Coaching with Lisa

    Learn how to build your business around your unique strengths and passion. Learn tips and tricks to maximize your impact and your income.

    • Personalized assessment

    • Additional training resources

    • Customer journey mapping

    • 1:1 Personal calls with Lisa

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    • Who is this community for?  

    • The community was built to be accessible to anyone who has a business idea and wants some guidance on everything from choosing a business idea to building your audience, to designing your course, membership, coaching program, or digital products.  If you are tired of trying to figure everything out on their own, and are interested in coaching and/or accountability, check us out!

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    • You can control that within your settings. You can choose if you want to be notified via email, mobile app, or desktop app. You can choose what you want to be notified about and if you prefer a weekly digest, live notifications, or something in between.