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Hey there!

I'm Lisa Thurston.

I’m all about helping solopreneurs gain clarity, maximize their potential, and shine in their fields of expertise.  

From helping you maximize your strengths, to creating your unique selling proposition, to mapping out your customer journey, I’m obsessed with helping women solopreneurs create the life and business of their dreams.

Here’s what I know…

Most solopreneurs hit a crossroads early on in their business.

  • They see all the competition out there and feel they have nothing significant to offer.

  • They’ve tried mindset work, but they realize it’s not a lack of confidence in themselves, they want to know what they bring to the table and create a business around that.

  • They’ve thought about giving up, but that nagging voice that says they were created for more than this just won’t go away and they don’t want to live with the regret of “What if”.

But how do they figure that out? I totally get it. I went from dead-end jobs and exhausting businesses to figuring out that my obsession could be turned into a business. 


Here's my story.

I’ve been helping people unlock their potential since 2010. But before that? I was just like you.

  • Struggling to find my place in this world. Known by who I was associated with rather than who I am. I was always Ron’s daughter, Jonathan’s sister, Gilbert’s wife…but not really for an identity of my own.

  • I was exhausted, always helping others and an endless to do list. Other people’s needs were always put first.

  • I started my business with dreams of independence and fulfilling my need to use my gifts and passions, but things just didn’t turn out that way.

The business I created was just another version of serving others needs, endless to do lists, exhausting myself, and making other peoples dreams happen.  

The only solution I could see, other than giving up and getting a job, was to start all over again. With a new vision, a new business, another exhausting launch. Creating a new brand. New everything. 

All. Over. Again.  

    What I didn’t realize at the time was that everything I needed to make my dreams come true was already there. I just didn’t know how to put it together yet. I think intuitively I knew this, but my mind was always pulling me in other directions, saying things like:

  • Look at all of the business coaches who have already made it. Why would anyone choose you?

  • Look at all of these things they know that you don’t. Why even try?

  • It would be easer to just quit and get a job.

  • I’m such a failure.


Is this starting to sound familiar? If you’re like most people I talk to, you can relate.

But then, after hitting rock bottom, I turned it all around in a very short amount of time. What’s my “big” secret?

  • I figured out what made me truly unique in my industry.

  • I leaned into the things that light me up.

  • I stopped competing in other people’s strengths and highlighted my own.

  • After I did that, the exhaustion turned into excitement, and that excitement was contagious. Over time, I was able to entirely ditch the “I need to compete” mentality. I started to lean into my gifts more and more and my business started to become fun. Something I looked forward to. Something that reflected me and my contribution to this world. 

    As for me personally? Well, I got to focus on doing what I love, looking forward to each work day, and ending each day feeling fulfilled.  

    I get it if right now you’re super excited by the idea of building a business that’s built around your strengths and is so uniquely yours that you don’t have to compete, yet you’re thinking, “But I don’t know how.”

    That’s why I’ve created assessments and tools to break the process down into actionable steps.

    Because, let me be clear, creating a business where you thrive isn’t some magical thing that only I can do. I’ve taught other business owners how to do this and I’d love to help you too!

    Tell me more

    I believe in assessments, plans, and consistency.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love affirmations and mindset journals, but I also know that mindset is only part of the journey. You have to take a clear inventory of what you have on hand, and YOU are the biggest part of that puzzle. You need these assessments to get the bigger picture, each one building on the last until you get a clear picture, a plan of action, and consistent habits that will get you to your goals.

    I’ve transformed from a burnt out, confused, overwhelmed solopreneur to a passionate, thriving, business owner who is leaving her mark on this world. And if you’re ready to go from an absolutely drained - doing everything for everyone else woman to a fully fulfilled business owner, I’m here to break it down for you.