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Don't let this process frustrate and overwhelm you. Get the help you need to get the results you are looking for.

Quick question?

Sometimes you don't need a full coaching program. Do you just have a quick question? Book a call for some 1:1 coaching, get your question answered so you can scale that hurdle and move on to the next step.

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Between twice monthly group coaching calls to get your questions answered, and weekly 1:1 accountability and feedback from your peers, you will be equipped with the what you need to keep moving forward.

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In Depth Coaching

Do you have a unique idea? Are you tired of figuring it out on your own? How about step-by-step guidance to develop your signature program?

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What to expect:


The first step is to meet up and discuss your ideas, goals, and schedule.


Next we will do an assessment to help us understand your unique strengths and how they combine with your ideas so we can design a compelling offer that excites you and brings something unique to your industry.

Create a custom plan

The third step is to take our tools and add them to what we figured out in your assessment to create a plan that will get you to your goals and producing income as quickly and easily as possible while staying true to your unique ideas and giftings.

Here's what our client's say...

''I was amazed by how accurately Lisa was able to describe what drives and motivates me. She gave me so much clarity on how I can achieve my goal in a way that feels authentic and aligned with who I am.''

Angela Lee

  • ''After working with multiple coaches, I can tell you that Lisa is the coach that keeps me in alignment . She is listening for the things I don’t realize I am saying and challenging me when it seems like I’m drifting off course! Lisa coaches from the heart with the ability to see the vision (and potential) of me at my best self (often before I see it myself).''

  • Jaime White

    ''I have loved working with Lisa! She is thorough, organized, and knows her stuff! I feel like I have a better handle on where my business is headed and have learned new skills to take my business to the next level.''

    Kassaundra Foster